Winter Charity Drive

The 2014 Jordan Winter Charity Drive, in its 7th year since  inception  has received incredible support from the Stellenbosch and Western Cape Community.  Last year we collected just short of 5 Tonnes of clothing, food and blankets.  Within days of launching the drive on 4 May, our storeroom was overflowing which resulted in our trucks needing to make a weekly or bi-weekly drop-off of clothing and food to several churches, night shelters and recognised charities in our communities. We also received generous donations for the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare.  Your continued generous support has been heart-warming and a much-needed assistance to the poorer communities who are struggling through a cold Cape winter without adequate warmth and shelter.

Thank you to our community.

As a result of your incredible support for the Jordan Winter Charity Drive, together we have made a difference to many people’s lives. Jordan Wine Estate would like to thank each and everyone one of you who contributed in some way towards this drive, your support has been much appreciated.

If you have any further questions regarding how you can further help to support these communities, or if you want to know exactly where the clothes were distributed, please feel free to contact Thea van der Merwe on [email protected] / 021 881 3441.

2015 Charity drive to take place from 4 May 2015



Cape Town Opera

We have partnered with the Cape Town Opera for many years by donating wine for their opening shows and supporting them in their fundraising events.

“Cape Town Opera, Africa’s premier opera company, celebrated its fifteenth anniversary of operations in 2014. Not a month goes by when I don’t marvel at what has been achieved by the board and staff of this company. Since 1999 CTO has thrilled audiences in South Africa and around the globe with its unique approach to both production styles and the quality of its singers. We have performed in the United Kingdom, France, Kenya, Monaco, Germany, Scandinavia, United States, Australia and now we are turning our eyes to the East, to explore opportunities in China.

The growth in the scale of our operations and the reach we have been able to achieve, both nationally and internationally, is unprecedented. We have been able to sustain and develop the careers of South African singers, directors, designers, musicians and arts administrators as we take South African opera around the world. In the process, I have learned that running CTO as a business is as important as allowing artists the time to grow and create; that managing a positive bank balance requires a passionate belief in the value of our activities; and that the generosity of our patrons, partners and sponsors is only limited by our own imagination of what is possible.”

Michael Williams, Managing Director


Bumblebee Fund

The Bumble Bee Fund strives to better the quality of life of disabled children by enhancing their personal mobility and independence, in particular by providing or assisting in the provision of mobility aids. Jordan Wine Estate is actively involved in supporting those who ride the Cape Argus Cycle Tour each year to help raise funds for the Bumblebee Fund.