Women in wine

The international part of the Jordan Women in Wine Initiative was announced in July 2013 and applications for this opportunity closed end of August 2013.

This international aspect of the Jordan Women in Wine Initiative was promoted through Jancis Robinson’s website. As a result of her incredible following, this initiative received countless applications from very strong and capable women residing all around the world. This certainly made the selection of the top 2 candidates very difficult. In fact, the quality of the applicants were to such a high standard that instead of only inviting one candidate for the 2014 vintage we decided on two women.

Jordan Wine Estate welcomes Regine Lee and Laura Atkinson to Stellenbosch for their 2014 harvest. Regine (USA) and Laura (UK) are the first 2 candidates for the international part of the Jordan Women in Wine Initiative. Both these candidates are presently involved in either wine education or marketing and are eager to experience the 2014 harvest at Jordan Wine Estate and to learn more about the Winelands of the Western Cape.

Regine and Laura are to arrive to Jordan Wine Estate beginning of February, giving them some time to settle in and find their feet before the major harvest activities start.

The aim of the international part of the Jordan Women in Wine Initiative is to create an opportunity for ladies across the globe (who do not have an education in winemaking, nor experience) exposing them to the wine industry of the Western Cape and to send them back with a unforgettable experience creating awareness on an international level.

Due to the positive response to this initiative, both in South Africa and internationally, Jordan Wine Estate is planning on repeating this annually and possibly growing it to include other wine estates.