Caramelised banana tart, butterscotch and prune ice cream

Recipes: Week 7

Banana Tart

Caramelised banana tart, butterscotch and prune ice cream by Chef George Jardine


100g castor sugar

100g butter

100ml cream

3 bananas

250g butter puff pastry

Heat the sugar with the butter and caramelise until golden brown.

Once you have a caramel, cover with the bases of your 10cm tart moulds with a thin layer and leave to set.

Use the remainder of the caramel to make the butterscotch sauce – simply add cream to the caramel and boil.

Peel and slice the banana and arrange onto the caramel.  Leave a little gap at the edge for the pastry to touch the caramel.

Cut your puff pastry slightly bigger that the rim of the tart mould and place on top.  Use the back of a spoon to push the pastry in the edges.

Bake the tarts at 180 degrees for around 15 minutes until golden brown, the caramel should be bubbling around the edges.  Pour the butterscotch onto a plate for presentation.

Remove your tarts from the moulds before the sugar sets.

We garnish our tarts with a banana paper, which is a pureed banana spread out on greaseproof paper and dehydrated.

Prune Ice cream:

300ml milk

300ml cream

50g prunes soaked in rum

6 egg yolks

200g sugar

Slowly bring the milk and cream up to just below the boil.

Cut the prunes into rough pieces and add to the milk and soak.

In a bowl, combine the egg and sugar until well incorporated.

Combine all the ingredients and cook gently until it begins to thicken, chill this immediately, then churn in an ice cream machine until done.

If you do not have an ice cream machine, buy a good quality ice cream from your local deli.

Makes 6 tarts and enjoy with a glass of Jordan Mellifera Natural Sweet Wine.

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