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Jordan Wines Stellenbosch

Chameleon RangeChameleon No Added Sulphur Merlot 2020

Chameleon No Added Sulphur Merlot 2020

Polygala virgata, known locally as Purple Broom, is the perfect perch for chameleons, the bright colour attracting a multitude of insects. Purple Broom grows naturally on the lower slopes and bushy hillsides and along stream banks at Jordan Wine Estate which are ideal conditions for Cape Dwarf Chameleons. These beautiful flowers add a rare purple colour to our indigenous areas on the estate during spring.

BLEND: 100% Merlot

Alc: 14%
Total Acid: 6.1g/l
pH: 3.40
Residual Sugar: 2.9g/l
Total SO2: 5mg/l
Free SO2: 0mg/l

APPELLATION: Wine of Origin Stellenbosch.

SOIL: Decomposed granite and loam.

ASPECT: West-facing vineyards

AGE OF VINES: 20 years

In response to requests from health-conscious consumers, we harvest the healthiest grapes to carefully master this natural winemaking style ensuring no added sulphur, throughout the process. A juicy merlot for immediate enjoyment.


High quality toasted wooden staves adds tannin and structure which complements the sweet berry and dark chocolate notes of the merlot. No sulphur was added during the production process.


The Merlot was harvested on the 21st of February and the 2nd of March 2020 between 23.4 – 24.6°B.


Fermented in overhead retort-shaped, stainless steel fermentors. Pump-overs were done three times daily during fermentation.  The use of gravity and gentle pressing ensures full-flavoured wines with soft, balanced tannins. The wine was not aged in barrel as this is a micro-oxidative process, so to protect the wine from oxidation it was aged on its lees on oak staves for 10 months before bottling. No sulphur was added during the course of vinification





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