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Covid proactive & preventative measures

Covid proactive & preventative measures

Jordan Luxury Suites Covid-19 proactive & preventative measures:


The health and safety of all staff and visiting guests is a top priority at Jordan Wine Estate.

We have appointed a team member at Jordan as a COVID 19 representative who ensures all staff are trained in how to handle possible cases, all South African restrictions and regulations surrounding C19. Our protocols ensure a safe environment and experience throughout all our guests stay/visit at the estate. Social distancing is practiced in all public guest areas, in the allocation of dining room tables and decks, and on vineyard tour drive vehicles.

 General measures at the Jordan Luxury Suites:

  • Sanitizing stations are placed throughout the public areas in the accommodation area.
  • Sanitize wipes are provided on check-in for guests to sanitize their keys/hands.
  • Suites are sterilized before and after check-in. Suites are only serviced/sterilized again if the guests request this during their stay.
  • Extra cleaning protocols are in place for high contact areas/items such as reception and laundry door handles, reception desk, telephones, remotes etc.
  • All guest luggage is treated with sanitizer on arrival
  • All guests will have their temperature checked on arrival and a health declaration form completed.
  • All staff have temperature tests on arrival for their daily shifts and they have a personal sanitizer bottle for their use during work hours. Registers are kept daily of all staff attendance and their well-being.
  • Should staff transport be offered, all staff are to sanitize before entering the vehicle and are to wear masks while travelling with their fellow staff members.
  • Should a staff test positive, they will follow strict self-isolation protocols before returning for work to ensure they are Covid19 negative. All staff allowed back at work if tested negative for the virus.
  • Hygiene protocols apply to all suppliers and deliveries.
  • Protocols in place should a guest fall ill/show symptoms of the virus which includes isolation in the suite and medical assistance arranged if needed.

We recommend that guests/staff follow strict hygiene practices while visiting Jordan:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Wear a mask when walking around the estate
  • Use the hand sanitizer stations that are placed around the property
  • Do not shake hands or hug members of staff
  • Cough into your arm
  • Limit touching your face
  • Practice social distancing

Dining at The Cellar Door & The Restaurant at Jordan:

As Jordan is predominantly an outdoor dining, fresh air is our friend!

Stellenbosch has beautiful clean air and in summer benefits from gentle breezes from the south.

All chefs prepare all food wearing face masks & visors.

We do not offer buffets.

Should you order a platter to share we are assuming that you are comfortable with sharing a platter with your guest/partner.

All dinner pre-ordered for “in-suite service” is handled with extreme care. Set-up will be done on your veranda with staff wearing masks and ensuring all items are cleaned ahead of your arrival for dinner.

Tours & Tastings:

At the start of each tasting, a freshly cleaned spittoon will be given to each guest for use during the tasting.

We do not encourage the sharing of glasses during tastings. We have invested in additional glassware and are more than happy to provide more glasses should you require another set during your tasting.

Tastings are conducted outside on the terrace in front of the upstairs tasting room, or outside on the deck overlooking the dam and Stellenbosch Kloof Valley. Stellenbosch has beautiful clean air and in summer benefits from gentle breezes from the south.

Our vehicle is sanitized before and after each tour.

Our cellar is naturally one of the most hygienic places on the estate. Clean cellars means quality wines.

Incident responses:

Should a guest display symptoms of C19 while visiting us at Jordan, you will be required to stay in isolation in your suite.

A medical professional will be contacted to assess the situation and possibly have you take a test.

Further procedures will follow.

We ask all guests visiting Jordan to ensure they are aware of all C19 symptoms and should they feel the slightest bit ill, to remain home, and to make a full recovery before visiting us at the estate.

We would like your visit to be a memorable one and that you leave feeling part of the Jordan family.

Should you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us on: / +27 (0) 21 881 3441