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Anker Blonde (6 pack)

Anker Blonde (6 pack)


Founder of Den Anker Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront, Denis Bouckaert started producing Anker Bier in Belgium in 1996 and would ship this beer to SA for sale at his restaurant.
Craft beer was unheard of all those years ago and for the restaurant, it was their “house beer”.
We have sold enough beer to fill many swimming pools over the years and have now brought this recipe to South Africa and are brewing in Cape Town and bottling as Anker Brew. Denis’ legacy lives on and we hope that his tried and tested beer is enjoyed for years to come!!!


What to enjoy with your Anker Ale:
Pairs well with white fish, cream-based dishes, pasta, goats cheese, blue cheese, pork, buts & apples

What to expect:
A refreshing blonde, coriander notes with a crisp, creamy finish.Crafted before Craft ……. in 1996 this beer was created by brewer Denis Bouckaert.
An answer to lager drinkers who wanted to become familiar with Ales