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Holiday survival kit

Holiday survival kit


Box contents:

8 x 750ml bottles of Jordan Estate wine
2 x 330ml bottles Anker Blonde
2 x 330ml South Fields Hard Seltzer
1 x 100g bag of locally produced raw almonds
1 x 30g bag of chickpea Chyps
1 x The Cellar Door’s famous Cape Seed loaf mix
1 x 200g ground coffee beans
2 x Afrikoa bite-sized locally made chocolates
1 x piece of Black Tourmaline to give you extra magic for 2022


The holiday season is upon us! This means hosting family, friends, in-laws, and eating and drinking on hot summer days! Add to the festivities this season and spoil yourself with a holiday season survival box. Treat yourself to 12 days after, or before, Christmas with delicious gifts from Jordan and friends. Or even better, send it to a friend who deserves a treat like this!
After all, it has been a challenging year.