Jordan Mellifera 2019

Jordan Mellifera 2019

BLEND: 100% Riesling

Alc: 12.5%
Total Acid: 9.2g/l
pH: 3.72
Residual Sugar: 116.1g/l

APPELLATION: Wine of Origin Stellenbosch.

SOIL: Glenrosa

ASPECT: South-facing, 280m above sea level

AGE OF VINES: 32 years old

Named after the Cape Honey Bee, Apis Mellifera Capensis, and inspired by the owners’s son’s unfortunate experience with them during the sweet wine’s first press cycle.
The Mellifera is only made in years when botrytis, or a small amount thereof, is found on the grapes.


The distinct ravine which embodies Stellenbosch Kloof harnesses all the qualities of a well-orientated compass. Varying elevations and aspects allows us to grow a selection of classic varieties to specific sites that optimise this expression through their location. The cooler south- and east-facing aspects, unique in Stellenbosch, hosts the more sensitive and aromatic white-skinned grape varieties.

Stellenbosch Kloof enjoys a cooler Mediterranean climate with maritime influences from False Bay, 14km to the south, and a refreshing breeze channelled from the West Coast’s Benguela current 24km to the north-west. These two breezes culminate at the top end of the ravine and bring in early morning mists, especially from False Bay. Consequently, temperatures in our meso-climate can be measured at least 3° Celsius cooler than inland Stellenbosch during ripening periods. This adds a unique characteristic to Jordan wines.

Tasting notes

Delicate and floral with a ripe apricot and spring blossom bouquet and the well-balanced acidity adds elegance to the long, rich finish.

Winemaking & Maturation

The utmost patience was needed to make this wine, taking the whole day to press the raisined berries.  The juice was racked into a stainless steel tank and fermented between 13 and 15°C using a specially selected strain of yeast capable of handling higher sugars.


Hand-selected and harvested on 29th of April 2019 at 34.3˚B.


2018- 4.5 stars, 2016 John Platter Wine Guide
2016- 5 star nomination, 2017 John Platter Wine Guide
2014- 5 star nomination, 2016 John Platter Wine Guide
2012- 4½ stars in the 2014 John Platter Wine Guide
2011- 4½ stars in the 2013 John Platter Wine Guide
2010- 4 stars in the 2012 John Platter Wine Guide

Vintages & Spec sheets

2019 – Current vintage

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