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TimepieceTimepiece Range

Timepiece Range





Timepiece is a new and innovative wine range from Jordan Wine Estate which celebrates its heritage by producing single bottlings of wines from estate vineyards 35 years and older. 

Throughout the next decade, the Timepiece range will grow and be made from vineyards, which have already been identified on Jordan’s estate. Vineyards will include, but are not limited to; Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon alongside the first release of Chenin Blanc. 


Jordan Wine Estate’s unique location – with all four compass directions at varying altitudes being represented – allows us to plant-specific grapes, to specific slopes to ensure vineyard longevity and cultivar clarity, and to highlight the positive effects of our different meso-climate on our old vineyards.


To emphasize our heritage and the celebration of time, the Timepiece logo is a digitalized version of Ted Jordan’s handwriting, to capture the historical significance of the range as well as cementing the influence he will have had on the future generations who will farm Jordan’s soil.


The purpose of this heritage-driven wine range is to ensure our guests, customers, and loyal followers can enjoy, and collect, a variety of certified heritage estate wines from our own terroir.